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How It Works:

1. What is Active Safelist (NO email safelist)?

Active Safelist is a large "list" of subscribers who want to discover the latest website offers, programs and opportunities that are currently buzzing the internet.

Our members opt-in to receive and view website ads and offers from the other safelist members.

In exchange for members viewing other safelist members (ads), they receive advertising "credits" which allows them to post their own website offers, programs, or opportunities to the list for other safelist members to view.

Active Safelist does "not" send any (emails or email ads to anyone). All Active Safelist ads are sent and received "internally" within the website.

2. How does Active Safelist work?

Visit the "Earn Safelist Credits" area to view members offers which earns you advertising credits towards submitting your own website offer(s) to the list using the "ad submit form".

3. How do I earn credits?
View (visit) ads, by choosing "Earn Safelist Credits" from the left members menu

Then choose a "category" to view the available website ads

50 advertising links will be displayed in each category

Each advertising link will open a website offer in a new window which can be viewed for a minimum of 10 seconds

Each website offer viewed for a minimum of 10 seconds will earn 40 "credits" each (25 website "views" = 1000 credits)

(Every website offer that you submit to the list will cost 1000 credits each)

You can also earn credits by referring other members to the safelist

Monthly bonus credits can also be earned by upgrading your safelist membership

4. How do I submit my ad?

To submit website offers (ads) to the list, choose "Submit Safelist Ads" from the left members menu to access the "ad submit form"

On the "ad submit form", enter your "ad title" (describing your offer) and the website link (URL)

Each ad submitted will cost 1000 "credits" (a "minimum" of 1000 credits must be available in your account to post an ad to the list)

Choose any "category" that you would like to submit your ad to

Select the option to "save" the ad being submitted

Click the "send" button to submit ad to the list

NOTE #1: "Duplicate" ad titles or website link (URLs) "cannot" be submitted to the "same" category (to prevent spamming the ad categories)

NOTE #2: "Duplicate" ad titles or website link (URLs) must first be "pushed out" of the category to be able to submit the same ad again

Your ad will be displayed in the "Internal Ads" category until "pushed out" of the 50 links by other members ads or for 30 days, which ever comes first.

5. What is 1 ad view (visit) worth?

1 ad view (visit) = 40 advertising credits.

6. What is 25 ad views (visits) worth?

25 ad views (visits) x 40 credits = 1000 advertising credits.

1000 advertising credits = 1 ad submission to the list

7. How does the "Banner/Text Ads" System work?

When you add your banner or text ad, it will be put in rotation with the banners and text ads of other members and will be randomly displayed on the site every time a page is loaded or refreshed.

Credits "cannot" be earned by clicking on banners or text ads

8. Who can use the "Banner/Text Ads" System?

All members (FREE and Upgraded).

9. What does it cost for my ad to be displayed in the "Banner/Text Ads" System?

It will cost 2 credits for every banner or text ad "impression" you receive. (Upgraded members cost only 1 credit per impression).

10. What kind of banners or text ads can I display?

You can display any banner or text ad as long as it doesn't violate our safelist rules.

(IMPORTANT: Please see our rules before submitting your ads to prevent having your account banned)



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