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1. What is a safelist?

A Safelist is a "mailing list" of members who opt-in to receive email ads from other members of the same (safelist) mailing list. In exchange for members viewing other members emails(ads), they receive ad "credits" which allows them to post their own offer, program, or opportunity to the list. So basically every member views every member's offers for ad "credits"!

The safelist does not send emails to anyone outside of the safelist. This is  NOT spam because every safelist member has physically opt in and comfirmed their email addresses.

2. How do safelists work?

Safelists are used by its members to advertise their websites, business opportunities and so forth to other members of the safelist. If your website offer is an opportunity or service of interest to other safelist members, they are very likely to sign up, join, or purchase your offer.

So the bottom line is that Safelists informs its members of the most popular opportunities and offers currently buzzing the internet, for which those same members earn credits which allows them to post their own ads and offers to the list.

Safelist membership is usually FREE. All you need to have is to join a safelist is two email addresses:

- (One) A "Contact email" which is the one that you are currently using now.

This email is used to communicate with the safelist's admin in the case of any problems or notices. You may also receive a few safelist Solo Ads in your Contact email which are paid member advertisements that reward huge bonus credits. You shouldn't receive more that 2 or 3 Solo Ads in your Contact email per day.

- (Two)"List email" account where only email ads from the safelist will be sent to. 

You will earn your safelist credits for viewing these email ads. You can also join other popular safelists and have those email ads sent the same "List email" address.

NOTE: Your "List email" will receive several email ads from Active Safelist members. Regular email accounts get full and begin to "bounce" emails. This will disable your safelist account. We highly recommend Gmail (FREE Google Mail) as your "List email" because it holds huge volumes of emails.

Click Here to open a FREE Gmail account!

(See our "rules" about ads being sent to the safelist email account). is absolutely the best way to get "REAL" targeted visitors to view your websites and offers.

3. How does a "Regular Mailer" work?

A "regular mailer" is used to send email ads to the entire list without using any credits... BUT, members also do not receive credits for viewing ads sent by the "regular mail". That is why we do not have a "regular mailer" in our safelist. 

Safelist members rarely read "regular mailer" ads because they do not contain a "credit link" which make them a waste of time.

4. How does the "Credit Mailer" work?

The "credit mailer" is used to send email ads to as many safelist members you enter credits for (up to the maximum allowed). 

When members receive emails sent by the "credit mailer", they will contain a "credit link" in the message body of the email where members earn credits for viewing other members ads.

5. What is 1 credit worth?

1 credit = 1 member that your email ad will be sent to.

6. How do I earn credits?

You earn credits by clicking on a special "credit link" found in the message body of all email ads sent to you by other members of the safelist. Once you click the "credit link", the website of that member will open in a new window and a timer will start counting 10 seconds. Once 10 seconds are up, your account will automatically earn credits for viewing that website. To continue, simple close the window to that website, then go to the next email and so on... it's that simple!

You can also earn credits by usinf the "View Members Ads" Message Board feature in the members area. (See #7 below - What is the "View Members Ads" Message Board?)

You can also earn credits by referring other members to the safelist, and earn monthly bonus credits by upgrading your safelist membership.


- FREE Members earn 100 credits for each ad view 
- Pro Members earn 150 credits for each ad view 
- Executive Members earn 250 credits for each ad view

7. What is the "View Members Ads" Message Board?
The "View Members Ads" Message Board is an exclusive feature where members can earn credits by viewing other members ads from within the website (not email).

To "earn credits" using this Message Board feature, simply click "View Members Ads" in the members area menu, choose a catagory, then click on the members ads. Once you click on a member's ad, a new window will open displaying the members website. You will earn 50 credits after viewing the members website for 15 seconds.

To "post your ad" on the "View Members Ads" Message Board, simply choose a catagory when sending your ad using the "credit mailer" as you normally do. You can choose 1 catagory per ad post, and it will cost you 100 credits for each catagory post to the Message Board.

Your ad will be displayed in the "View Members Ads" Message Board for 30 days.

The "View Members Ads" Message Board rules, credit amounts, and length of ad display could change at any time!

8. What are Solo Ads?
Solo Ads are "paid" ads that are sent to the entire safelist's "contact email" (not "list email"). 

The great thing about Solo Ads is that you earn huge bonus credits when you click on the "credit link" in the message body of the Solo Ad email. There will be no more than 4 Solo Ads sent out in one day, so members do not have to worry about ads filling up their contact email.

It is a true fact that Active Safelist members absolutely love to view Solo Ads!

9. H
ow does the Ad Rotation System (ARS) work?
When you add your banner or text ad to ARS, It will be put in rotation with the ads of other members and will be randomly displayed on the site every time a page is loaded or refreshed.

10. Who can use the ARS?

All members (FREE and Upgraded).

11. What does it cost for my ad to be displayed in the ARS?

It will cost you 2 credits for every banner or text ad impression you get. (Upgraded members only 1 credit per impression).

12. What kind of banners or text ads can I display with ARS?

You can display any banner or text ad as long as it doesn't violate our safelist rules.

(IMPORTANT: See are rules section before posting your ads)

13. Active Readers Contest: 
The Active Readers Contest rewards the Top active members who view the most email ads (using the "earn credits" link). The contest runs from the beginning to the end of every month, and active members must view a minimum of 100 sites to qualify for prize credits. 

Monthly prize credits amounts may vary from month to month depending on the numbers of sites viewed by the Top most active members. 

NOTE: "Message Board" ad views do NOT count towards the Active Readers Contest!

14. Top Referral Contest: 
The Top Referrers Contest rewards the Top members who refer the most people to The contest runs from the beginning to the end of every month, and referring members must have a minimum of 1 referral to qualify for prize credits. 

Monthly prize credits amounts may vary from month to month depending on the numbers of referrals from the Top referrers.



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