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Date Started: Jan 01, 2008

We Are Proud To Be
The Most Trusted Safelist!

Active Safelist has quickly become one of the most active and respected safelists online!

Our main commitment is to maintain the perfect balance of members earning and spending advertising credits without unessessary added features to make us money.

This secret to our success!


Our Formula For Having The Most "Active" Safelist Members:

Our formula is simple, yet extremely effective: "If you want to post your ads to the safelist, you must earn credits by viewing other members ads... period"!

Although we do not give out thousands of free credits, we DO give safelist members who are actively viewing ads a good amount of "credits per ad view": 

*  FREE members:  Earn 100 credits per ad view 
*  Pro members:     Earn 150 credits per ad view
*  Exec members:  Earn 250 credits per ad view 

Also, we often send out "bonus credit links" to the entire list so that active safelist members can earn extra bonus credits for being active.

If you want to post your ads without having to actively view other members ads, is NOT the place for you... sorry!

Our members are very committed to being the most active safelist members on the internet!

"REAL People" View Your Offer For At Least 10 Seconds Each!

Highest Paying Referral Commission Details:
Referral Earnings Free Member Pro Member Executive & CEO
Free Referral Cash $0.00 per referral $0.00 per referral $0.00 per referral
Free Referral Credits 5000 Credits 10,000 Credits 25,000 Credits
Pro Referral Cash $0.00 per referral $3.00 per referral $5.00 per referral
Pro Referral Credits 15,000 Credits 25,000 Credits 50,000 Credits
Exec & CEO Cash $0.00 per referral $5.00 per referral $7.50 per referral
Exec & CEO Credits 30,000 Credits 50,000 Credits 100,000 Credits
Credit Purchase % N/A 25% 100%

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Please note: This is an advertising program only. We only pay commissions for referrals!